In the past, 'Fixing Problems' has been our primary focus, (that includes me), and more often than not, you will find more than enough to go around; so much so that it becomes a life-long journey of problem-solving, and it's a stark contrast to what the super successful do . . . they don't try to solve problems; instead, they create what they love.

Unfortunately, many of us are not going for what we want because, on some level, we believe we are one or many of the following:

  • I am unworthy
  • I am not good enough
  • I don't belong
  • I am incapable
  • I am insignificant
  • I have to be perfect
  • I'm not allowed
  • I can't control my negative emotions
  • I don't trust myself, others, or the world

If you don't have everything you desire, then you 100% need to learn this. There is no faster way!

What's the solution?

'The Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode', it's the bridge between the old system of personal development and the new. It works by creating a connection with your higher consciousness, teaching your brain how to create new connections, by releasing lifelong beliefs and trauma . . . .

You see . . .

We create all our existing beliefs, limits, personalities, and emotions . . However, we've never had a fast and easy way to align our own internal consciousness with our true desires to create sustainable, long-term success.

This technology works because the science of neuroplasticity says your brain can change . .

It's like a user manual for your mind . . that can be updated!

Now it's possible to take control of your mind and recode it in minutes.

Your best is yet to come!

This is the day you've been waiting for . . .

You are not broken!

You do not need 'fixing'

Together, we can recode your fears,

and through coaching, create a life you love!

I look forward to our discussion at the complimentary 'meet & greet'



Personal Coaching

Private sessions.

Career coaching

Trauma and personal development coaching

Learn how to create the life you love.

Coaching Coaches

Become a

Conscious Creator.

Overcome imposture syndrome and overwhelm..

Break through the glass ceiling to reach your next level.

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expertise, insight, and accountability.

Guidance with strategy and decision-making, coaching as you navigate challenges and opportunities that arise.

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Where you will have access to meditations, and teachings on consciously creating a life you love.

Entrepreneurial tips and tricks to have a successful business..

Super Conscious

Intuition Course

Become intuitive, & move from self-conscious to super conscious as you learn to become intuitive..

Learn heart coherence and the language of the field.

Super Conscious Creator Course

Turn the invisible

into the visible.

turning potential into reality.

and magically manifest

Learn everything you need to master your creative process.

Public Speaking

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Learn to create your desired reality using structure & tension to magnetize your end result.

Learn how to recode memories that are no longer serving you.



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Using neuroscience & epigenetics

to take your leadership team to the next level.

Raising new leaders to confidently lead a loyal team.